Longer time periods for ePMP graphs


Are there plans to offer longer than 1 week of data for the graphs in cnMaestro for ePMP? Right now 1 week isn't enough time. We'd love to have up to 1 year of data but would really need 3 months minimum for tech support when a customer calls and we need to see changes more than a week old. We use the free cloud version but would be willing to pay for longer time periods.

If we use the on-premise version, can we store longer than 1 week of data?

Thank you

Hi Darin,

Thanks for your feedback. Currently in Cloud or On Premises we support only one week of data. We have plans in future to support more than 1 week data but mostly as a PRO feature which will be charged to customers. Will keep you posted once this feature is part of a cnMAestro release.



This option is really needed ASAP.

Ubiquiti's AirControl, which we've used for years, has had this longer time period option since it launched and it's been very useful being able to go back a whole year to view signal changes.

We love Cambium but this is a huge negative for cnMaestro and our ability to properly monitor our AP's and CPE like we do on our Ubiquiti network.

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Hi Darin,

I already raised a feature request for this feature in cnMaestro and the engineering team will take care of it.