Looking for backhauls

Looking to upgrade our main BH20 BH link.

Redline AN-80i
Canopy 30/60
Vecima (Waverider) SPEEDLink 5800

comments on any of the above welcome


We use a Redline-AN50 which works fine and are about to install our fist Canopy 30 OFDM next week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The BH30/60’s comprise most of our links, the work great. the only draw back is they use both polarities. we are looking at Alvarion B100’s for our next link, same price as a BH30, but lower latency and more throughput.

Look for the money, you can’t beat Orthogons. They can go at least 60km with 14 meg each way LOS. They only take 20MHz and work forever.

They are Canopy gear now but the Ortho Gemini, I thinks it is called the BH60 is the main backbone for all my links.

Redline is good but not as good as Orthogon.

Why don’t you folks use links at licenced bands? We are paying 2000€ per link for the frequency, but we know that we will never have problems with the backbone.

Also take a look @ Trango Atlas Radios , they provide up to 45 Mbps, the are Dual band 5.3/5.8 and Dual Polarity, all software switchable. They also use a similar POE as Canopy so the are compatible if you are running 24 vdc on your sites

Why don't you folks use links at licenced bands?

Sure, that would be ideal. However our BH20's have been rock solid RF-wise. The issue is throughput and latency.

A properly engineered OFDM link will meet our needs without the hassle and cost of the licensing. At some point we will have to go licensed to get the BW and power levels but that is a long way off (but hopefully not too far).