Looking for Document on ReRange errors

Hi again,

Can someone tell me where I can find information on ReRange errors? might be getting one of these every 24hr, dropping the link for a few seconds each time

The link seems to be rock solid for the rest of the time, jitter of 1, rssi about 770 at 5.7Ghz and 100% link capacity. The distance between the BHM and BHS is only 0.37miles according to the session status.


Quick update. Had another ReRange logged on the Master and a dropped link for a couple of seconds. This happened 24hr after the last one

Have reported it to Motorola support, so waiting on them now. Will let you know the response.

The Registion errors are:

MAC : 0a-00-3e-fa-63-7b BH ReRange 08:47:48 UT (Thu Jul 26 2007) Flag : 20173
MAC : 0a-00-3e-fa-63-7b BH ReRange 08:48:46 UT (Wed Jul 25 2007) Flag : 20172
MAC : 0a-00-3e-fa-63-7b BH ReRange 09:22:39 UT (Tue Jul 24 2007) Flag : 20172
MAC : 0a-00-3e-fa-63-7b BH ReRange 08:49:41 UT (Tue Jul 24 2007) Flag : 20172
MAC : 0a-00-3e-fa-63-7b BH ReRange 08:51:37 UT (Mon Jul 23 2007) Flag : 20172

I had a rerange error last night and it ended up being self interference.

Hi Vince, how did you determine that it was self interference?

i did a specturm test, found the freq that was slamming it, rebooted the back haul that had the same freq and the other unit came back flawlessly until the offending backhaul was running again.

that doesnt make sense to me and i wrote it :slight_smile:

i ended up having to change the freq on the backhaul that was getting disconnected.

whats odd about it, these two links have been in place for over a year together with out any problems.

Thanks for the reply. Doesn’t sound like my problem :frowning:

Find out the reason for the 24hr ReRange BHS registration failures. From the User Guide:

In any BH link where encryption is enabled, the BHS briefly drops registration
and re-registers in the BHM every 24 hours to change the encryption key.

A case of RTFM :smiley:

Now my next question is:

How long it takes for the encryption key to be changed?
What happens to traffic being sent over the link during the key change?

haha…thats good to know