Looking for Scripts for CNUT


We have about 200 Clients through out your system and do not use Prism. We do use the CNUT to do upgrades, and I am looking for a script to change the QOS settings on the SM’s.

We are going to be speeding up the users soon and I need to change all the QOS settings.

Is there a place that has Sample scripts that I can download?

I’m not aware of scripting within CNUT itself…

Are the SMs set up to permit SNMP write access?

If yes, then it’s fairly simple to script a series of SNMPset commands. If you’ve got a linux machine available on the network and SNMP write access enabled on the SMs (and the machine in question is permitted SNMP access to the SMs) then I could write an example script to do this. If yes to the above, then it would of course help if the list of active SM IPs was readily accessible (text file or SQL for example) so a script could simply loop over the list of IPs and apply specified changes to each.

If SNMP write is NOT enabled then things are much much more complicated - it can be done via the SM web interface from a script in Perl, for example, but the different firmware versions and the access control settings mean that there are multiple cases that must be accommodated.



wirelessequip wrote:

This thread was a bit stale, but in any case:

Why do you say "goodluck"? I have written scripts both to change canopies wholesale via SNMP-write and to make changes via scripted access to web interfaces. (posted one here last week, in fact, to change SNMP from read-only to read-write using firmware 9.x web interface)

As I stated back in June the only real complication comes from multiple firmware versions combined with web interface access. And even that I've successfully dealt with in a few specialized cases. (read-only so far, IE extract certain information from retrieved web interface pages, adapting to differences in firmware)


Yes, a script to do mass SNMP is fairly straightforward for those who have the time to figure out OIDs and MIBs. Add in a database or heck even an NMAP front end, maybe an expect script for telnet stuff, and go!