looking for the latest and greatest sector for 900mhz

looking for the latest and greatest sector ant for 900mhz AP.

any pros and cons about your experiences would be great

we started with terra waves’ 17dbi vertically polarized antennas, great gain and penetration, can’t collocate more than 1 cluster on the same tower because they self interfere horribly, at least for us they did (I believe its from the vertically beam and the size of those antennas) and can’t use integrated SM, but if you need to get to hard to reach people, and don’t need see the future need for more APs they will do very well for you… we decided to move back to integrated 900 APs for a lot of reasons, they seem to hold in 2x factor with greater consistency than the vertical panels did, we can co located more clusters which we needed to. We have 1 full 6ap cluster and 2 3ap clusters (both facing south) on the same tower everything works great! Down side is a little less penetration but still very good NLOS performance and you get to use intergraded and indoor SMs with horizontal beams… I’d stay with the integrated antennas great VSWR, good gain and easy easy easy to work with!