Looking to switch panel antennas

We are currently using 14dB & 17 dB yagi antennas and trying a few 14dB parabolic. These are used on fringe intstalls. Up close to the tower we use stingers and in between we’ve been using MTI Model 263003/N. The MTI panel have gone up in price and the best price we’re seeing now is about $88 including mount and some prices over $100. We use to get them for $62. I’m considering alternatives for our panel antenna because of cost. Performance wise, we love these MTIs. The alternatives I’m looking at are:

ARC Wireless Model PA0910B01
MARS Model MA-IS91-T2C
WinnComm Model WRP900-100

I’ve also been presented a few other ARC Model which I still need to pull the specs on. The prices I’m seeing on these range from $37 up to about $77.

Any recommendations or warnings would be appreciated. Other models are welcome as well but I’m looking for something in the 10 to 12 dB panel type.

We’re in KY and have lots of hills. Some clear LOS and some trees to shoot though.

Again, thanks in advance for your time in helping with this.

Have you considered Wireless Beehive Stingers and Super Stingers?

We used panels almost exclusively for closer shots until we found the stingers. They are an antenna that slide right over the top of the SM and have an N-connector to hook it up. They work fantastic and have saved us a lot of time on many installs.

They run about US $50/ea for the 10db stinger and $60/ea for the 13.5db super stingers. They come in both horizontal and vertical polarizations.

Stingers are cool, but he needs more gain.

I have been impressed with the 17dB M2 Yagi and the Hyperlink 15dB Grids.

My bad, I totally misread this entire post.