Loop Detection/Block


Can i have a couple of suggestions for what people are doing on the PMP450 AP, SM and the ePMP AP and SM to help prevent a customer wrecking an AP by creating a loop on a router or switch.

i have been using the bridge table size and the bridge table restriction but if anyone has any other helpful tips for both ePMP and PMP it would be much appreciated.


We use NAT on all the client radios, and then the radio is plugged into the WAN port on the client's router.

Out of thousands of clients I don't think that this has ever been a problem. It would be highly unlikely that a client would first unplug our radio from the WAN port on the router, then into the switch port on the router, then loop a cable from two of the remaining ports on the switch.

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Like Eric, we use NAT for almost all clients. Where we have a bridged connection we place a proper router that we manage. This allows us to have redundant links and use routing protocols to control path loads and since we can set L2 ports we have STP to prevent loops.