LOS through a window?

Has anyone ever tried to shoot 5.2 through a window with otherwise perfect LOS? I’m curious how much signal loss a sheet of glass would cause

yea we’ve done that before. granted they’ve been relatively close shots, less then a mile, but most 5.2 are gonna be super close. the only issue i’ve noticed is if the window isn’t square with the tower & you cant aim it directly at the tower very easily. windows that are tinted may cause you more issues as well. but i wouldn’t shy away from it, definetly give it a shot if you have a clear LOS.

I am about to try the same thing with 5.7…at .75 miles…hope it works because it will make the install much easier…

we’ve done it with 5.7 as well. good luck.

we have 2 installations that were .5 miles or less and they are working great. One thing that you need to do is make sure that the SM is FLUSH up against the window. Also we noticed that it doesnt work very well if the windows are tinted dark or if the windows are tinted different colors.

indeed, keeping them flush against the window is the key, i tried to make that point in a previous post but wasn’t as clear. we’ve gone thru green tinted windows ok, some not so dark tinted ones as well.

We use 900MHz and have a number of indoor installations. If the construction is new, you can run into trouble with some types of UV coatings, but in some of those cases, through the wall right next to the window has worked well. Construction materials and angles are all important and will vary with every case. Good luck!