Losing Management visibility into a PMP 450m

Has anyone else experienced the scenario where an management visibility is lost to a PMP450m AP but the SMs attached to the AP still pass traffic as if nothing has happened?  Rebooting the AP restores management for a short period of time (>30min).

What version of software are you running?

When you say management visibility, how are you trying to access the radio?  Via web GUI?

If this happens regularly, I would recommend opening a support ticket.

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I have that going on with a customer as we speak. I see he has data passing with our NMS but Cambium has showed him down and he is a distance from us so a truck roll to see what it could be has not been feasible. If he has any issues it will require us to face this issue. I had a few others pop out and come back in for no explainable reason. I am updated to the newest stable firmware on all APs and SMs. 

I use Vlans so maybe when I did his SM upgrade it changed that ? I am only guessing since that was the only thing we had done before it went out was to upgrade ( I had the Vlans set up before hand for Management Side )