Loss of connectivity of SM's to 900 AP

I am wondering if anyone out there has experienced a problem that just popped up today on our 900 AP. We added a 900 AP connectorized utilizing a Pac Wireless 11 db omni antenna. everything was running great for over a month and today we started dropping users that won’t reconnect. Software on the AP is 6.1. Users go through a perpetual registering process with AP eval data showing RSSI of over 1600 and jitter of 3 and still no complete registration. We still have a few that are remaining on line but the rest won’t reconnect. I know there is a problem with the software but the help desk states that the drops should only be 5 seconds max. Any ideas?


Change to software scheduling. This will solve your problems. Chances are another source for interference has come to the area recently and hardware scheduling (right now) is affected by interference more than SWS.


One other thing to just check on, and this might be overstating the obvious, but just make sure that there isn’t any packet loss on your network between the BAM and the units (If you have a BAM server). This can cause registration packets to be lost and the unit will eventually drop off the tower and continually try to reconnect-But it won’t be able to register with your network. Just a suggestion.