Loss of Frame with good signal

We are using 820 11Ghz radios.

I have attached our COMSEARCH licenses.

We have the Abajo Peak to Blanding Hospital link up and running.  We are having trouble with the Crown Castle to Bradford Link.

We have the radios dialed into a -47dBm.  But we still get the error "Radio Loss of Frame".

We have tried 3 different radios on the Bradford side.  They will just not connect to each other.

Make sure that both ends are running the same MRMC scripts..

Make sure that both ends have the same Link ID.

Make sure that both ends are unmuted.

The data sheet shows an expected RSL of -37.9, so it appears that you have about a 9 dB problem. (Your radios are reporting 9 dB less than they should. Your radios should see a stronger signal!)

Your antennas may not be aligned properly--the RSL values (data sheet predicted vs. actual reported) should match very closely.

What kind of alignment procedure are you following?

Cambium Networks recommends setting the script to the lowest modulation mode (fixed), turning off adaptive transmit power control, and setting the transmit power to the highest level during alignment.

The LINKPlanner install report has the expected RSL under these conditions. (If you don't have the install report, just use LINKPlanner to set the link to QPSK, turn off ATPC, and make sure the Tx power is maximum. Use the Predicted Receive Power as your alignment RSL target.)

Don't just scan the antenna left/right, find the max, scan up/down, and find the max. That may put you on a secondary lobe.

Instead, note the bearing in the LINKPlanner report. Write it on the antenna. Point the antenna in that direction intially.

Scan left/right at several up/down settings--in other words, don't make an X, but make a grid!

To get the best signal at each end, align one end, then the other end, and then go back to the first end and align it.

Let us know what worked for you!

I hope this helps.


Looks like we had the modulation set to fixed profile  9 1024 QAM.  After setting to profile 0 We got the expected RSL.  We then set the max profile to 9 with adaptive modulation.  Works great.  Not sure why by default they use fixed modulation.  We factory reset the radios.


Excellent news, indeed!

I'm glad you were able to resolve this issue!