Loss of RSSI on the newer firmware versions

What’s the board’s consensus on Moto dropping the RSSI values? My installers REALLY hate it. I understand both sides of the issue, Moto wants to move to something more consistent and reliable, but the installers went from a very fine-grained power indicator to a very coarse one. The smallest antenna movement would produce RSSI changes, while the dB stays static over a fairly wide sweep.

I searched for any kind of commentary here, but wasn’t finding any. So… What do you all think? I’ve wondered if Moto could give us dB in tenths as a compromise of some sort, has this been suggested? Are we alone in not liking this fairly major change to the way we align antennas?

Thanks for the feedback!

Doesn’t really bother us :slight_smile: Now it’s relatively consistent across the board as we use several vendors’ products. It was nice to have for the reason you mentioned. Now that we’re moving towards using Radio Mobile to engineer all of our installs the old RSSI becomes pretty much irrelevant. That and given that a Moto trainer has told us that the RSSI and dBm vary widely between units, we’ve been sticking to jitter and Link Capacity Tests for real indicators. At the end of the day it won’t matter if you can get a 0.02 dB signal level improvement if the link is crap.

I agree in general, but the primary complaint comes with aiming long shots. If we do a winter install, it’s just better if we know that the aim is peaked so that when the leaves come back in the spring, we’re in the best shape possible. Bottom line is it prevents truck rolls down the road. Seems worth it to us…


Needs to be run in IE but it's darn cool

I agree, very cool. We’ll see if this quiets the complaints…

Thanks, Jerry.

Jerry Richardson wrote:

Needs to be run in IE but it's darn cool

Just started to use this and it works great fine tuning the antenna.