Loss of satalite tracking

Over the past few days, our CMMs will loose tracking of the satelites. The CMM says it can see 6-8 satelites but will not track the satelites. This is happening randomly with multiple tower at the same time throughout our network in different parts of the county. Some towers in the area will still have satelite tracking and others loose it. The CMMs have 3.0 firmware. We have 18 CMMs deployed and most of them run off of DC power. After a short time the CMMs will then find the satelites.

Any ideas?

we are experiencing the same issue. When the CMMs were at version 2.2 we didn’t have this problem. now on version 3.0 we have a handful of them that stop tracking the satellites but still show 6-10 as being visible (just not tracked). that then causes the tower to loose sync.

I called moto support yesterday and it sounds like they have getting a couple other reports of this happening. They had me send the support data that CNUT captures.

If you are having this problem i highly recommend you call canopy support so that they can get to the bottom of this. it for sure seems like a version 3.0 issue.

canopy suport: 1-866-961-9288 in the USA
canopy support contact page: http://motorola.wirelessbroadbandsupport.com/support/technical.php

In Colorado and Texas we have experienced the same thing, especially hard hitting us mid day yesterday. We also heard reports from our Utah company of the same.

We have more than 500 sites just in Colorado alone and a couple hundred in Texas and it definately was a roller coaster.

The issues were seen on 2.0.8, 2.2 and 3.0 FW versions.

Also found in my searches yesterday spaceweather.com which showed some solar flare events around the time we were having issues, and from that site I found another site run by the government talking about November 18, 2009 there will be a revamp of the satellite system, old ones decommed and new ones put into production.

Worried about that day.


The only weird issue for us is that we have one CMM with it’s antenna mounted right next to another CMM’s antenna and the one CMM consistently looses Sync and the other continues to track satellites and provide sync just fine.

yeah i wish moto would either make the CMM generate sync if it looses GPS sync or make the AP auto switch to generate sync until it receives sync again from the CMM. the network might run slow and crappy without the GPS sync but at least the tower doesn’t go completely down.

if the CMM could generate the sync then at least that cluster is in sync with each other.

This is where the CTM solution from LMG is a good alternative. Their solution will provide GPS sync Indefinitely, or until the CTM is rebooted. The backup oscillator is only a crutch and should not be relied upon for long periods of time. On average it will only stay synced with actual GPS time for an hour or two. This is meant to give the end user time to go investigate and repair while the site stays up and running. As the oscillator drifts from true GPS time you will notice issues with Jitter and re/registrations.

Any news about this issue? We also experienced this, contacted techsupp, but no answer…

I think this issue has something to do with whether and satelites(north america)…
we have a couple of cmm version 3.0 sofware no issues.
We are in south america.

Our CMMs are located in Bosnia (Europe), not NA.

We have all CMM running 3.0 software with no issues with GPS tracking. We are in central Texas.

we are still working on this issue with Moto. It only happens about once a week so it’s a little hard to track down. we had it happen on Nov. 9th on 1 CMM for less than 10 min. and it happened on 2 other CMMs on Nov. 4th. All the other CMMs on our network kept tracking the satellites just fine.

we down-graded 2 of the CMMs to 2.2 but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

I’ll post again if there are any updates to this issue.