Loss of SM Access...

I know that it is well-documented that you can lose HTTP or web interface control over the SMs in the field.

I am having this exact same issue with the only two 5.2 DES SM modules I have in service. All of my other SMs are AES and have never had this problem.

Our IT Dept. has a nifty little ping util that pings all of my wireless stuff so that I get early notification of when a module goes down. But, with these two DES units, when you lose the HTTP interface, you can no longer ping them.

It’s very annoying. Anyone know if 6.1 will resolve this? IT doesn’t appear that the upgraded firmware for the 900 SM didn’t resolve that issue so I’m not very hopeful.

I currently have 3 APs that don’t answer pings, telnet, or HTTP requests. They are all passing traffic and none of them have public IP addresses (i.e. all are in the 10.0.x.x address range). Manually rebooting them helps for awhile, but results are unpredictable… sometimes they just start answering without rebooting them…

All are running
Software Version CANOPY4.2.3 Jul 23 2004 11:13:49 AP-DES
Software Boot Version CANOPYBOOT 3.0

Ugrading to 6.1 will be interesting and I fear that it will require a site visit and customer outage for these APs.