Lost advantage after firmware upgrade

I have a couple advantage APs that were running 7.2.9 just fine and when I upgraded them to I lost advantage. Another strange thing is that I see “Canopy Lite” on the main page. This same thing happened when I upgraded another AP to 7.3.6. Has anyone else experienced this?

How about its behavior?

Does it remain to be an AP? or turned into SM?

It acts and looks just like a regular AP, but without the advantage 2x option. I’ve tried factory reset, firmware downgrades, turning it into an SM and back, and nothing seems to fix the problem.

One last question,

Would it work with a 5760SM?

If it doesnt, maybe you need to tell Moto about that. I have heard of a case here, which his AP turned into SM. Then Moto give him an executable pack that turned it back to AP.