lost all subs

We have a 2.4 site, recently updated to 9.0. Had a customer call in down. I watched as SMs slowly dropped off, save two that were high recieve power at the AP (-58/57)

I rebooted to see if the rest would come back up. No such luck, they all atayed down and none have come up. All three APs say theyre reciening sync, but the CMM says no sync. I had posted before about the cmm sync thing, but no response.

It sees satellites (8) is getting time, but no sync:

Device type CMM 0a-00-3e-e0-30-e8
PLD Version 5
Software Version CANOPY CMM 2.2 Build 2 Feb 23 2006 16:45:22
System Time 03:57:05am Wed May 20 2009
Up Time 01:05:11
Satellites Visible 8 Satellites Tracked 6
Latitude N40 32.5350 Longitude W88 43.0540
Height 262 meters Tracking Mode Unknown
SYNC Pulse Status No SYNC

The APs all say they are recieving sync Though

I changed the AP to generate sync, no luck.

Its like my ap went blind, the spectrum is clear for the most part on its channel.

I made a mistake, I ran the spectrum on the wrong AP.

This was an interference issue, the whole middle band was - 50.

But heres a kikcker, This is a NW AP (2435) and I went to switch Frequencies with the S (2455) AP. (this is a 3 AP setup)

I changed the S ap to 2435 and rebooted, and all the NW subs came back up. How can adding noise cause subs to associate? All signals/jitters are good

(its possible a competitor was firing something up and happenned to kill it at the same time, im not running a spectrum to find out)

anyone? please?

Im really curious about the whole same frequency resolving it thing. Id like to think it has something to do with the other AP seeing the moto frames helping this one to do it or some such rot

Obvious question but do you have all your sync related settings the same on this particular cluster (DL%, max range and control slots) or alternately did you run the Frame Calculator to make sure your sync’d?

If not, you may have had some self-interference issues and rebooting the other AP (when you changed the frequency) temporarily cleared up the issue for you. Could have been that after the reboot the other AP was “quiet” for a while with nothing to transmit/receive other than session registrations so there wasn’t enough chatter going on to keep the other subs offline. In any event I would suggest you get your troubled AP on 2455 and see how it holds up over the next few days/weeks. Certainly seems odd though.

yes, all the same, channel and color code and max distance are the only non default radio related settings