Lost connection to AP after upgrading to 13.3 version


I tryied to upgrade the software of a PMP 450 AP using CNUT but after rebooting the device, I just could not reach its IP address, neither the default IP address. What should I do in order to establish connection to the AP again?



Is the AP on a tower?  If not are there any lights on the AP?  Have you upgaded any other 450s or was this the first one?  The only option may be to RMA the radio, have you contacted support?  If so please let me know the case number and we may edit the shipping details to have you send the board directly to our development center.  


Do you mean you can't reach the AP's web interface AT ALL and it won't respond to pings, or CNUT just won't touch it? I have an annoying issue with CNUT where, after loading a certain software, I have to restart it and do a NEW network.