Low cost CPE

Why doesn’t the Cambium have a CPU that can be mounted on a satellite dish?
Most competing manufacturers have it!
For example Mikrotik LDF 5 nD is a device that thrilled me.
Elevated with a satellite offset antenna it becomes a brutal CPE.
Half the price with a satellite dish compared to any cambium CPU.
A larger antenna brings higher signal amplification, narrows the beam in the already congested spectrum, SNR becomes higher, etc.
For many ISPs, such a device would bring financial relief and repair to many performances in congested network parts.
My suggestion is to modify the Force 300-13L to LNB format
It doesn’t need to be twice as cheap as it needs to be.
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Not all must do the same :wink:

There was two companies that made dish’s for little original integrated ePMP 1000, McCown Tech and KP Performance. Since most people had already been using them with Ubiquiti Nanostation M’s both even came out with an adapter that let you use the same dish and just swap the ubiquiti and the part that held it with the new ePMP and it’s adapter. We still have probably 1/2 dozen of the 2.4Ghz ones out there and I think at least 1 of the 5Ghz.

I think after the F200 came out no one was using dishes anymore and I don’t think either company bothered to make anything for the AC line when it came out due to poor sales of the old N dishes (though you might check). I’m pretty sure though that buying the radio and dish separately was not cheaper than just buying an F200.

KP Performance makes a dish with the LNB (well not really an LNB here , just the antenna) built in so you can connect any connectorized 2xMiMo 5Ghz to it but given the price of it and the price of the ePMP 300c it is far more expensive than pretty much any other option.


Mikrotik LDF 5 nD in my country (BA) remains 55 euros
2 feet satelite dish 10-15 euros.
That’s half the price of the Force 200-25

Marked in red elevated Mikrotik LDF5 nD with two feett satellite dish

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