Low Powered 900SMC

Ran into a bit of a problem. We have a client with a 7.3.6 P9, 900SM about 1 mile from our tower registered with a -58. The cleint was having problems so we went back to swap out the SM but we only had P10’s on 8.2. When we tested with the P10 radio the best signal we could get was a -68 and this was after we raised the height about 6ft. We tryed 2 other P10’s one was worse and the 3rd was about the same as the first.

From what I recall 900SM’s were’nt part of the low power problem that Moto had before. Is anyone else experiencing this same problem?

We only use 900 Mhz equipment
The reported signal does seem to fluctuate with all of the new P10 hardware. We have a test station set up where we compare the signal strength of all new P10 SMs to what older P9s got at that spot. We then record the difference on the box before sending out the SM. We still use P9 SMs for testing at customer sites because there does not seem to be any consistency with P10.

good to know. thanks