Low speeds ?????????????????????

Hey all… I’m a newbie to the whole WISP thing and recently had a Motorola Canopy 5.7ghz system installed. My ISP advertised speeds are 512-2000kbs down and 256kbs up… however… mine is not the case… I have yet to get over 500kbs down… 99 percent of the time it runs around 260-320kbs down and 300-400kbs up. ??? My RSSI is averaging 870-950 and Jitter runs 2-4. I believe the canopy software version is 4.0.4
Downlink and Uplink is running 100% I’m 1.55 miles from the AP. Ping times are around 12 ms to the first hop and averages 60 ms for websites…
I have the canopy hooked up to a netgear mr814 router with 2 puters networked to it normally… speeds are the same on either computer whether its thru the router or hooked up direct…
Is there anything I can do to get my speed up to where its supposed to be or is this a ISP problem?

If your uplink and downlink are 100% and that is the highest speed you are hitting, then your WISP is doing some type of bandwidth throttling, not allowing you to punch through any faster. They might advertise that speed to be available, but what speed are you actually paying for?

I’m paying for 512 minimum down and 256 minimum up… as per a signed contract … i believe its listed as their “Bronze Package”

Generally if the linktest says everything is fine, your the bottleneck is after the node, so maybe the uplink to the base, maybe ISP’s uplink is slow.