We are currently experiencing an issue with our customers speeds not being correct. The set up is like so…

3’ BH dish getting a -75 with a 10 -8 for the BER this dish feeds to the radio which feeds to the CMM then we have 3. 120 degree panels. on the tower shooting signal to our customers
the customers shoudl be getting 1.5 on the dowload and up to 512 on the uoload.
The speeds we are seeing are…
715 on the down
110 on the up

Any ideas what the issue may be here?

Which frequency band are the 3 AP running on?
Did you run a “link capacity test” on the SM?
Which results?
What are the QoS settings?

Are the 3 APs in sync for GPS and for settings? (Downlink %, Slots, etc.)

What are the power levels and jitter are you seeing for the customers?

Is 2x mode enabled?

the freq the 3 ap’s are running are 906/915/924. We did perform a link cap test and the results seemed to come up fine. The power level and jitter that we are seing with our customer are fome -54 with litter 1/2 up to -67 with jitter 1/3. I will have to check the sync settings

We also need to know…

- How much bandwidth are you pushing thru the BH?
- What are the QOS settings on the AP and SM?
- What is the BHM downlink %?
- What’s the link test and aggregate showing on the BH links?
- Is each AP set to allow Bandwidth config to the SM, or do you use something else (eg. prizm)?
- Are the 3 APs in sync for GPS and for settings? (Downlink %, Control Slots, Max range, etc.)