Low Throughput with Advantage AP & P9 Sm

Hello I am hoping someone can provide some info on my poor performance numbers
I am using a Cyclone 2.4 Advantage AP with 8.2 firmware its all running bridged there are only 13 SMs on this AP
and they are all Standard classic P9 Sms running mostly firmware some are running in 2x mode some arent
the APs settings are as follows

Translation Bridging : Disabled
Send Untranslated ARP : Disabled
SM Isolation : Disabled
2X Rate :Enabled
Prioritize TCP ACK : Enabled
Multicast Destination Address :LLDP Multicast
Schedule Whitening : Disabled
Control Slots : 1
Downlink Data :75%
Transmit Frame Spreading : Disabled
Sustained Uplink Data Rate : 20000
Uplink Burst Allocation : 500000
Sustained Downlink Data Rate : 20000
Downlink Burst Allocation : 500000
Encryption : Disabled
IP Access Control : IP Access Filtering Disabled - Allow access from all IP addresses
VLAN : Disabled
Dynamic Learning : Enabled

I was hoping to see results in the advertised 7Meg range but I am only seeing at best 1.5 meg on any link tests
Signals and jitter are all very acceptable so I am at a loss to explain these poor results
Would any one be kind enough to shine some light on any possible settings that I have mis configured that might help boost my performance numbers
If I could start to see 6200 Down and 800 Up I would be a very happy guy

Thanks in advance for any assistance you could provide

Best Regards


Switch the AP into an SM and do a spectrum analysis. First suspicion is interference from another 2.4 source.

the link test you speak of is between the AP and SM?

Hi Jerry
Yes the link test is between the AP and SM

I did as you suggested and moved to the lowest noise channel
and I am showing 10 meg right accross all Sms
that cant be right can it?..
I didnt think P9 standard SMs are able to go that fast are they?
the channel I was on used to be clean but obviously somethings have moved in since I hooked it up

Gessh it cant be that easy can it ?

Thanks Much Jerry

Best Regards


Sometimes it is that easy.

Your P9 non-Advantage SM’s will do 14M burst/7M sustained. With 75% downlink, you will see 10M x 4M link tests.

Thanks very much again Jerry
I will start to do more regular signal checks now

You are the man :slight_smile:

Best Regards & Happy Holidays