low voltage on epmp causes reset to factory default


last week I had a power supply failure (system is working entirely DC 25V) and voltage drop progressively to 8v (failure in the cut off which prevents to power equipemnts below 22v), once I replaced the power supply, the epmp1000 gps was resetted to factory default so I guess this anomality in the supply voltage is considered as a signal to reset...

is it possible to add any functionality like "disable reset" or to improvethe reset detection in order not to default equipment on voltage failures. I have lots of customers working on solar/generator and they have lot of issues in their mains quality...

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Great question on low voltage. It might be good to post this question on our Ideas page: http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/Your-Ideas/idb-p/Ideas

Product management reviews these ideas to make feature and product enhancements in future releases.

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Page 227 of the user guide talks about the sequence required for the device to actually factory default. From your email it sounds like there was just one incident where the power changed levels. Just want to make sure you did not have a different issue than the factory default procedure we implemented.