Lower latency for ePMP product line

I noticed PMP 450i have far less latency than ePMP 2000.

Will Cambium do something in the future to reduce latency between SMs and AP on ePMP?

Using 2.5ms frame size, with 36 users, I have an avg ping of 14-15ms, but 10% less throughput.

Using 5ms frame size on the same AP, I have an avg ping of 28-30ms.

Results are similar with less users. 

On PMP 450i I have 3 users on 2.5ms frame size and I have an avg ping of 7ms.

I understand that's a different product line and product price, but the latency increase is noticeable on ePMP vs other non-synced systems.

Ok, you're right, is more consistent, ePMP gives you more bandwidth, and that's ok, but imagine a network where you have 40-50ms on national servers on fiber backbone, add some wireless backbone latency, it's simple to reach near 100ms values on 5ms frame size in speedtest.net test, and using 2.5ms frame size you have 10% less throughput, so it means less users on the AP.

In a fiber world, where you have far less latency, I think Cambium should work on that part a bit more, to make simpler for us to compete with fiber.

Sometimes you have users playing online gaming and are ok with your bandwidth profile as a WISP, but prefer fiber because of latency.