When we've done the update for cn maestro server, the LQI data are empty as the attachment

OVA Version:
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Could you please specify the device model and its software version? 


2.1.0-r22 (active)
Thanks a lot
(the problem is on cn Maestro)


I tried the same in my lab and was not able to reproduce the issue. LQI data was seen after upgrade. 

Could you please let me now the PMP model and its software version, so that I can try to reproduce with the same device model. 

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Device Type :
5.4/5.7GHz MIMO OFDM - Subscriber Module-PMP 450
Software Version :
we are a WISP, and we have 100+ SN connected, today i've try to update cn Maestro at version On-Premises 2.2.0 but the problem persist
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Guido Aleardo

Good Morning, do you have any update for this case? Moreover, with the new CnMaestro firmware version (2.2.0), under the same tower, on some SM you can't see anymore RSSI , RSSI Imbalance , Session Drops and LQI (Link Quality Indicator)  on performance, you can see the attachment (same tower, user 1 with the problem and user 2 without the problem; the configuration of SM is the same). Thanks a lot

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Guido Aleardo



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Hi Josh,

For LQI graphs to work your AP and SM should be having the firmware version 16.0 or above as this feature was introduced in device from that version only for PMP 450/450i/450m/450b. For 450 BHM and BHS this is yet to be implemented. Rest of the graphs like PMP and PTP graphs will be fixed in next cnmaestro version 2.2.1 .

Since you have firmware version 15.1.5 your LQI graphs are empty.



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HI K.R.;

it is not really so, with the old version of cn mestro the parameter was still displayed even if on the radio I had the firmware 15.1.5. The parameter has disappeared with the update to 2.2.0 as well as the graphs. I tried to follow your advice, but even with the radio firmware at the LQI isn't displayed, I am afraid it will be a further bug of cnmaestro

Hi ,

I tried locally with 15.1.5 PMP SM and AP as well having 15.1.5 but we are not getting the LQI graph. I reconfirmed with the device team on the version from which this data is supported and they confirmed it is 15.2 and above. 

Regarding the issue where software version is upgraded to but still you are not getting LQI graph along with other graphs like RSSI, RSSI Imablance and Session drops this issue should be fixed in 2.2.1 patch release going to be out by next week tentatively. 

Also i want to confirm what AP firmware you are running and on the SM where LQI data is not seen what is the RSSI value of the SM both downlink and uplink.