What is Cambium’s position on sharing spectrum with LTE-U users, and reaction to the FCC’s approval of Ericsson and Nokia LTE-U equipment this week?

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One of the positive and often overlooked aspects of unlicensed, i.e., “free”, spectrum, is the innovation that it sparks. Advancement of LTE-U is a good example of innovation driven and supported by network operators access to free spectrum. So long as manufacturers and network operators follow the established regulatory rules Cambium Networks is supportive of the innovation. With regards to LTE-U Cambium Networks believes the longer-term solution for hybrid networks, collaborative use of licensed and unlicensed spectrum, is LTE-LAA (License Assisted Access).

The topic of hybrid networks and shared access spectrum (SAS) is particularly important in the United States with regards to the FCC’s CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) initiative, and specifically the co-existence aspects. Cambium Networks is a member of WinnForum ( and actively engaged on the sub-committee’s supporting advancement of SAS.