M2 yagi for 2.4ghz, anyone with some experience with these?

We have been thinking about using the M2 2.4 18db Yagi for some very far away customers. anyone have any luck with these? or any suggestions for far reaching 2.4ghz ants

why not try http://advancedantennainc.com/cart/inde … ucts_id=37

they’re worth 19db on 2.4ghz. thats an extra db of gain.

How far are you trying to go?

Jerry Richardson wrote:
How far are you trying to go?

good point

we have a few customers at ~7 miles with just a motorola dish.

7-12 Miles. we have used the 19 db grids before. they work great. just wondering about the m2’s, we use m2 yagi’s on out 900’s and they are the best we has used so far.

Pretty tough to beat a 19dB grid on 2.4

For this do you have to get a 2.4 sm connectorised?