M2 yagi - used and poor performance

Hello all. Equipment problems after our major ice storm.

I have a M2 14 that got covered with thick ice, then I guess a piece fell on it and bent the “loop” (The part that screws on with the N connector beneath it). No other damage to it that I can see.

So, I replace the loop with a brand new one. Now this antenna performs terribly. I tried it out on a LOS 6 mile link. A Maxrad panel actually performed better.

Any ideas? I have another one that performs like this one.


water is inside?

It may have been at one time. It is now completely dry, and like I said, I replaced the loop thing with the N connector on it.

I don’t know…

I suspect the N connector or Cable to the SM may be damaged inside.

Have you checked to make sure that all of the rivets on the boom are holding the directors in place and are tight. One or maybe two of them could be loose. If that’s the case, then you should drill out the rivet and put a self taping screw in its place. This might fix your problem.

Hope this helps you

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