MAC address change when moving from to 20.2.1

Hi Guys

Odd one here, which i think is relevant. It might be a known issue but it s new for me. The mac address changes on the SM when upgrading the firmware from16.1.1.1 to 20.2.1. This is causing issue with our installers.

Here is an example.

The end digits change:

20.2.1 - 97-C7 - 9D-86


This is news to me to! I haven’t heard of anyone else reporting this. Did you open a support ticket yet? If so I can look into that if you have info uploaded there.

Note the screenshot you uploaded is just showing a SM that isn’t in session but is in LUID #5 spot, so not sure how that is showing a changed MAC address.


we have our management system based on SM’s MAC Address, and we haven’t had this issue (5k subscribers).