MAC-Telnet "Parameter doesn't exist"

The tech fat-fingered the IP address upon installation. I'm able to SSH into the AP then MAC-Telnet to the SM just fine. However, when I try to execute "config set networkBridgeIPAddr"  command I get "Error: Parameter "" doesn't exist". I get this error on any configuration parameter I enter.

SM firmware 3.5.1. Read-write credentials are correct.


I would suggest to try configuration through the snmp commands in CLI.
Maybe it would work better.
And please double check if you are using the proper parameter name for SM and it’s mode accordingly.

Thank you.

This doesn't work either.

>snmp set -v 2c -c private a ""
Error in packet.
Reason: (badValue) The value given has the wrong type or length.

If I SSH or telnet directly to an ePMP device it will run snmp set just fine. There appears to be write access issues when you mac-telnet or mac-ssh to an SM via the AP. Am I dead in the water here? Sounds like a bug. Certainly not expected behavior.

Yes, it sounds like the bug.

But it's 3.5.1 firmware which is outdated and we can't do nothing with.

Sorry for inconveniences caused.

Thank you.