Macs unable to connect on some APs

Seeing this message in some APs running This is on Apple devices, Windows work fine, RADIUS authentication, only happens on some access points. Same model, xv3-8. Any guesses?

Client [A4-83-E7-02-41-6D] connection with snr [42] failed to connect to WLAN [PSD-SECURE] with reason [Unspecified Reason (Client sent disassoc)]


Looks like client is sending disassociation request to AP, we need to see why client is sending disassociation. Looks like client is disconnecting with the current AP and connecting to near by new AP, to confirm that can you please share me the following information.

  1. How many APs are there in the network ?
  2. Is this client is able to connect to the same AP if you trying to reconnect one more time ?

When the issue happens can you please share me the techsupport file of the AP to my email id

This is happening at different locations, so networks of different sizes. Rolling back to 6.3.5 Mainline OS version seems to fix the problem. But when a particular AP doesn’t take connections it seems to stay that way.

Thanks @Jeff_Rowan I have received the techsupport file of the AP. Will go through the logs and update you.

Same issue is not seen with 6.3.5 build ?


From the tech support logs, we could see after certain time, no clients were able to connect to wpa2 enterprise profile and also from the given logs unable to identify the exact reason for the issue, but looks like client is not properly initiating Client Key exchange.

To conclude on this issue we need packet capture at radius server and another techsupport file by changing logging-level. Or if you can provide remote access to your setup at the time of the issue it will be really helpful.

You can use following command to change the logging level on the AP from SSH “service debug wmd logging-level debug” and “save”.

Thanks for your help on this. The APs rolled back to 6.3.5. don’t have the problem. I’ll try to gather this info today. The Cambium case is 324107.

Thanks @Jeff_Rowan for the update. We will wait for your response.

When the issue is observed can you please disconnect and connect the existing android or windows clients and let us know whether is there any issue any connecting these clients.

Also in 6.3.5 you are not observing same issue at any time correct ?