Maestro search functionality needs improvement


I would like to request an improvement to the search functionality of Maestro. For example, I search for a customer by their IP as show in the attachment but I get an entire list of options instead of the one I'm looking for. I'm assuming it's also including all the IP's ending in 41-49 which it should not do.

At the same time, it shows in all of the search results which is the LAN IP. Why would Maestro show me the LAN IP of my ePMP gear when it should show the WAN IP? It makes zero sense to me. This makes it almost impossible to search for ePMP by typing in the IP address.

Can you please fix this so the WAN IP shows in search results and make it so it requires an exact match only? This way when I search for and any other IP in our network, it will show ONLY the results with an exact match and there won't be confusion and issues finding the right device.

Thank you


Hi Darin, 

We are aware of the SM LAN ip address seen on on-premises server (running 2.1.0 version) instead of WLAN ip address. If you are using on-premises server with 2.1.0 software, we are planning to release the 2.1.0 patch for on-premises by early this week which should take care of this issue. 

Hi Darin, 

I just want to reiterate the information, 2.1.0 release is to fix the issue regarding ePMP SM showing LAN IP instead of WAN IP. 
I will verify the "serach issue" with the team and keep you posted. 

We're not using the on-prem version. What I describe in my first post has been what Maestro in the cloud has acted like since we started using it at launch. It's not a new problem, it's the same old issue that has always existed.

So please confirm this will be fixed in the cloud version and hopefully you can make searching an exact match instead of partial match.

Thank you

Hi Darin,

Not sure if the idea has been suggested here, but maybe try posting it to the ideas forum:

Cambium does actually listen to these

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