Maestro Showing 450 AP down, but its not


We are running CN MAestro 2.1.0 -r21 with PMP 450 3.6ghz AP/SMs. Random APs will show down in Maestro but the AP is up and responding when we login. The APs do show 100% CPU usage. This has happened with multiple versions of firmware on the 450 APs and mutliple firmwre versions of Maestro. This also sporadic and random from what we can tell. A reboot of the AP does resolve, but this is a sporadic issue all over our network. The SMs still show connected and we can see statistics inside the children of the AP, however we cannot see statistics of the AP when this happens.

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Hi Jeff,

We believe we had identified root cause for this issue and fix will be available on 16.1, If you want to test the fix before 16.1, please private message me , i can provide you private build with fix on the version you are on ( .  




We upgraded all APs to 16.0.1 but still seem to have the issue.