Magical change to Generic SNMP Device

I had one SM that I spotted last night that Prizm had decided was a Generic SNMP device. Most of the tabs of course were gone, no histories or configuration. I checked again today and it was an SM again with all of the previous stats… Aside from a big gap in the stats when it was offline, it’s like nothing ever happened.

I have seen this happen once before, but I cannot remember if it was the same SM or not (too many people with similar names! It seems some people move away from their parents by just going to the next house over…). At the time I brushed it off but having it happen twice has me really curious.

Anybody see this before?

I see it from time to time. It’s usually on my SMs with marginal links / lots of re-regs.

The quick fix if you know the unit is up is to go into Define Networks -> Network Elements and find the element in question then simply Refresh Network Element. I’m assuming Prizm must get an invalid SNMP response or something during a query because I only see it now and again and I’ve never had it happen on a solid link.