Major loss of sync and sessions dropping after 13.2 on 450 5ghz.

Ran an upgrade on one site perfectly smooth, but after running it on a couple more sites, now one of my sites is losing clients left and right by dropping sync constantly.  I'm rolling back to 13.1.3 and yield to Cambium on ideas.

Ben - can you grab and send me the CNUT logs prior to rolling back?  Tom

Tom, unfortunetly I had to roll the site back fairly quickly because I had clients down.  However, upon further investigation we are currently looking into our sync issue as a physical sync issue at that site.  We have made note that we are currently going through 2 PacketFlux sync injectors before getting to a 3rd unit that runs our 450.  We are questioning the sync signal going through those units to the 450 as being a potential source of the issue.  I will test this theory by providing the site with new sync straight to the 450 and post my results accordingly for those that may be using sync injectors in daisy chain.

[EDIT] Upon further investigation, the wiring actually does start in the 450 sync injector, and then daisy chains to two others, would this still have an adverse affect on the sync in unit 1, or are we back to the drawing board?  We may still run a standalone sync pipe and cable for the 450 if it's deemed necessary.

The 450 having issues is directly getting sync from a 3rd party injector and then you are passing sync out the 6 pin to other Cambium devices, corrct?  Are the other Cambium devices 450's running 13.2?  Would it be difficult to put the 450 in question on a standalone sync pipe and upgrade back to 13.2? 

Tom, that's correct the 450 receives it's sync directly from a 3rd party sync injector / pipe.  The 6 pin then carries the sync to another sync unit of the same but older model running PMP100 gear, that unit then feeds with the 6 pin another PMP100 unit as well.  I'm currently having a new Sync Pipe installed to act as a dedicated sync source for the PMP450 in a standalone environment, no longer feeding the PMP100 units.

UPDATE!  We installed a new sync pipe seperate from the current pipe at the tower site.  Ran a new line into the sync injector.  So now the PMP450 equipment runs on it's own dedicated sync pipe, and the PMP100 equipment runs on it's own, seperate sync pipe.  I ran the FW upgrade again last evening and it was a successful firmware update.  All clients are online and showing improved signal strengths.  Thanks Tom.

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