Make a copy or configuration template e430

Is there a way to copy the configuration (or create a configuration template) from an e430 AP that was previously onboard and running properly, for use in another e430 AP that is already onboard or that will be onboard for faster configuration?

Ferry, Welcome to the Cambium forum.

The cnPilot Wifi line is designed to be managed in cnMaestro. In cnMaestro, you can create the WLAN’s that you need (one or more), and associate those with a AP group that has your desired configuration. Then, when you onboard any cnPilot radio into that AP group, the configuration will be pushed out to it. You can apply that AP group to any cnPilot AP.

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Ferry, if previously e430 AP configuration not managed from AP group in cnMaestro, you need to create it by looking at AP running configuration. This involves 2 steps,

  1. Configure WLAN and
  2. Configure AP group and attach WLAN to it
  3. Now you can use this AP group to push the configuration for other APs managed from cnMaestro