Making a connectorized 2.4 AP


Apart from the warranty issues is there a reason why you couldn’t convert a 2.4AP into a connectorized unit?

Has anyone ever done this before?

I have no idea why MOTO don’t have a 2.4 connectorized unit.



Last Mile Gear does this with their rebranded “Cascade” line, so no there really isn’t a reason why you couldn’t.

We use them for any of our 2.4GHz sites.

CTI will do it for you.

No, there is not. However it’s pretty easy to brick the radio if you don’t get it right. Too much heat and you’ll toast the Tx chip. Too little heat and you will lose as much as 12dB across a cold solder joint.

It’s worth paying for a radio that is already connectorized.

I have a whole box of bricked 2.4 and 5.2 units that my predecessor felt was a great Idea… any questions???

Sorry for the ignorance. What does bricked mean?

Put some mortar on it and stick in in a wall cause that’s all it’s good for.

“BRICKED” means BROKEN… no good, burned TX capability of worse… Useless except for parts.