Managed/coordinated channel changes on PMP450

In cases where we need to change channels on the AP, it would be useful if the change took affect without a reboot and in a coordinated manner where the AP can tell all its SM's about the new channel (frequency and size) it's moving to and which time slot that's occuring.  SM's would automatically enable that frequency and channel size (if they were not already so) and would move at the scheduled time.  This would allow the entire sector to move with little to no data loss.

This features works well with the background spectrum analysis as posted by others in the Ideas forum.  If a sector needs to move due to interference, a suitable channel can be located and all radios moved in a manner which drastically reduces interruptions in service.

Of course, with the 5.4 band, the 60-second wait period would need to be dealt with some how.  Maybe the AP could dedicate a time slot  while waiting to pre-sample the new channel (again, if the radio has code to do background spectrum scanning during a time slot in a frame, then such code could also service to pre-scan the new 5.4 channel for radar avoidence).  

I'd really like to see an intelligent DFS system, in which a cluster of APs on one tower communicate with one another to coordinate their frequency hops.