Management VLAN and NAT Issue


I brought this topic up quite a few months ago and didn’t receive much response. I’ve seen discussion of this topic on a Canopy email list with no resolve either.

If I set the management VLAN to 2 and the public IP to VLAN 200 then customers will randomly see connectivity problems when using NAT.

This has never been listed by Motorola as a known issue to my knowledge. I have read discussions that indicate others are having the same problem.

I’m currently running 8.2.7 across our network and I’m wondering if there is any chance 9.3 might resolve this.


i’ve brought this up to motorola several times. i get no reply at all, ever. our solution was to stop using management vlans.

Another thing we’ve noticed is that SMs will randomly NOT use the management vlan, they randomly send UNTAGGED ARP packets for the management IP even when management vlan is turned on.

When that happens, affected radios will be unmanageable for very short periods of time while the SM is sending the traffic untagged. This is extremely annoying and avoidable by not using this broken feature. 9.0 doesn’t fix it so i don’t see why 9.3 would since motorola doesn’t mention anything about it.

Do you see the same problem if for example the management VID is set to 1 (no VLAN) and the Untagged ingress VID is set to a VLAN (200 for example)?