Management VLAN

I believe that we may be also experiencing an issue with management VLAN. When we use the SM with a management vlan, we can only access the radio’s management IP from the AP side. In our service provider network, we set the SM management and data vlan to the same, so that the local tech could access the radio onsite while the radio may or may not be connected to the AP, while using one VLAN per customer. It seems that in order to access the SM from the SM’s local Ethernet, we have to use the address. This works, and we are fine with this method.

However, when we try to use 2 ePMP as a ptp solution, we need to be able to access both radios regardless of which direction the traffic is coming from. Elevating the management traffic into a management vlan is common, but we frequently have issues with access from the SM direction.

Hi Eric, 

We are planning to make management VLAN access avaialble from the SM LAN port in a near future release. We will make this access/blocking configurable. Your PTP example is valid and this is something we will address soon.