Managing both Enterprise and Access/Backhaul products - two accounts?

My org is looking to start using cnMaestro and deploy Cambium “Enterprise” APs (along with cnMatrix switches) in an MDU-type deployment.

However, we are also a WISP, and we may start using some of the Access and Backhaul products as well.

Is there any problem managing both types of devices in a single cnMaestro account? Or should we plan to have one account for MDU (“Enterprise”) equipment, and another for Access/BH?

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Hi Braden,

No, there should be no problem with using a single account. cnMaestro is designed to manage both wifi and Access/Backhaul devices.

The main difference if you split them into two account is you could choose to manage cnPilot and cnMatrix in the Enterprise view, which is custom tailored for enterprise Wi-Fi. The Access and Backhaul view allows managing all devices under a single tree, which would give a more comprehensive view. i.e. PTP -> AP -> SM -> cnPilot AP

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Jordan, thank you for the quick reply. The “sign up” screen for cnMatrix sort of implied that Access & BH products “wouldn’t work” (or at least wouldn’t work well) if I chose the “Enterprise” option. I saw the mention that it was switchable later, but I was trying to figure out if it made more sense to have a “split” account.

As long as we can handle everything from one view with the Access & BH mode then that’s probably what i’ll start with. I know our first deployments will be MDUs using “Enterprise” APs, but we are looking to add some LTE gear and possibly move away from Ubiquiti for our last-mile 5GHz network as well.

You can switch the view in the Application > Settings page, as long as you aren’t managing devices not supported in the new view. For example, if you have PMP managed, you wouldn’t be able to switch to Enterprise until the unsupported devices are deleted from the account.

Starting with the Access and Backhaul view is a good idea if you plan on adding those devices later on so you don’t have to re-learn where things are located.

One more question, while I’m asking basic stuff about cnMaestro – the “10 management user” limit, is that lifted with an on-premise / self-hosted cnMaestro installation?

No, the 10 user limit is for both Cloud and On-Premises. Support for more than 10 users may be added with in the future with cnMaestro Pro.

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