Manual encoding tool for CBRS

Does anyone have the link for the CBRS manual encoding tool?

I have been digging and I can’t seem to find it anywhere I thought I bookmarked it but can’t seem to find it if anyone does please let me know. There is a google tool somewhere that will encode the data so that you can enter it in to the CBSD under the CBRS tab in the AP and SMs.

I am not sure what you are searching for or asking for. cnMaestro and the spreadsheet import tool that is described in the documentation should be all that is required to get all the proper CBRS CPI information entered. Can you elaborate?

Have you followed the instructions in the CBRS Consolidated Procedure Guide 1.4.1.pdf?

There is a tool that you can enter the same information as cnMaestro then you provide it with the certificate and password then that spits out a chunk of encoded data that can be pasted in to the field shown below. I believe the tool was a google tool. Yes I have read the procedures guide and in most situations those work great.

This was for a specific edge case where a marginal link was not syncing the data to the SM and needed the extra EIRP to maintain a stable connection.