Mapping Software

I have been working to properly allocate the radio frequencies for a township, and I’m trying to represent these frequencies on a map. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a good piece of software that allows me to plot a few towers and have 60 and 120 degree radio frequencies emanating from those tower points.

Are there any recommendations from the Canopy community?

Thanks for any advice you can offer!


I use RadioMobile personally.

Definitely Radio Mobile. It’s got a healthy learning curve, but you can squeeze out some really impressive graphs and maps once you get a handle on it.

Thanks for the replies, that is definitely one unique piece of software. And you’re right, it does seem to have a little bit of a learning curve.

I was actually hoping to find a piece of software that you could overlay onto a google map, or some equivalent picture. I have to present a nice pretty picture to a local telco, and the more simplistic the better.

I will definitely work with RadioMobile, but if there is something that is a little simpler, that would really help me in the short term.


You can import a Yahoo Map into Radio Mobile and merge it with your coverage plots.

Take the time to learn it, you’ll be glad you did. Learning curve is steep for the first 4-5 hours, then it starts to make sense.

Motorola has a mapping planner software now available, talk to your dealer or ACSP.

There was a webinar on it a few weeks ago. I forget the details, but it had a software component and could integrate with a hardware spectrum analyzer (Agilent something or other?)

One question I do have regarding RadioMobile…

On “Radio Link” creating, is it possible to merge a map with that also for the side profile view? That would rock.

Dont know if is of any help to you but our company has been using a Terrain Analysis Progrom (TAP) for a number of years. It is dos based and allows you to enter in the location,elevation, height of antenna on tower, height of antenna on other end, etc. and then it prints out a shadowed area of the projected rf radiation pattern. We print them on clear sheets and lay them over the printed out map. This allows someone to get an idea of the coverage from various repeaters at various sites we have. It is quite accurate, and we now use it to calculate LOS and fresnel zone for questionable Canopy customers.

TAP looks interesting. I’m going to take a look at the demo software.

THanks, mhussey.

Delorme TopoUSA works nice. I am interested int the Moto solution though…

Thanks for all of the great posts, I really appreciate it.

I, too, am also interested in the Motorola solution. Are there any more details available about this product?