March 31, 2017 - My Reflector

Passive reflector dishes increase the range of systems, and are what most people see when they look at wireless systems. This week, show us the largest reflector you installed. Winners will receive a Cambium mini screwdriver tool set.


Radio waves HPD8-5.2    8'(2.4m)       



Nice! Where is that and what does it connect?

These are our biggest currently, Radios are old PTP 58600's and the Dish on the right is a 30 Mile shot. And we are using 8 foot dishes currently.


Great! Where is this network located?

Washington State, shooting From Okanogan County to Ferry County

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It is in Azerbaijan. It connects Oil platform 

Currently only have a 2' dish connecting a tower in IL with a tower in IA. Needs to be taken down and repurposed now that we have fiber to both towers.

Where is @Ben Royer and his water tower / crane  pics?

Correction on my antennas, They are actually 6 Foot dishes. And they are working great on a 30 Mile shot

@Cambium_RayS Did you guys pick the winners for this one and for the Camo one?

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Winners for the reflector dish contest are:



Please send an email to with your shirt size and shipping address.



Dear Ray,

As you said in first comment , Winners will receive a Cambium mini screwdriver tool set. If you want to send mini screwdriver and additionally T-shirt as a bonus we would not say no to you. ;-)

I will make sure you also get the mini screwdriver.

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Awesome, I completly forgot about that