We launched a black friday campaign that started Monday and ended on Friday it consisted of 4 emails. The campaign was for an add on service that we offer. It normally cost $10.00 per month and includes 20% off all computers repairs, unlimited access to our outdoor downtown wi-fi, free service calls (normally $30.00). The deal was to get this service for $4.00 per month for the first year. We had a little over 11% conversion on the campaign. We were very pleased with the results and it took minimal effort. 

Just wanted to share an idea.

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After the holidays, what marketing campaigns are working best to gain new customers?

I am not sure how it works in the USA with your black friday system.

Retail in NZ has two busy days.

Xmas eve is the biggest retail day of the year in $$$ turnover.

Second biggest day of the year is Boxing Day (december 26th) which I guess could be our equivalant of black friday. All the retailers have big discounts on boxing day similar to the black friday deals you get in the USA.

However January and Feburary are the slowest months as people pay off their credit cards etc.

This year I noticed two retailers (Mitre 10 = homedepot and Hellansteins= menswear clothing) had a deal going where if you spent $50 in December, in addition to any pre-xmas sale price, you got a $5 coupon.

The coupon could only be spent in January or February.

So I guess its a good way to encourage shoppers into the store on your slowest months, and with the average visit to those stores being about $50 it seems like a good way to get people in the door.

How that translates to something a WISP could use I am not sure.

I just re-read your question

Its summer here in NZ over xmas and new-year so everyone is at their beachside holiday homes.

Now that our network covers some of these beachside villages in our region, there is demmand for our service.

I am waiting for powercode to allow rollover data in our billing system.

Next summer I will be doing a flyer drop in those villages where we offer a monthly 5gb plan for $25

You can use the data during the year, but if you only visit your holiday home in the summer then its possible you may have clocked up 50+ gb of data to use.

The idea is that the same price can be offered and is easier for customers to set up an automatic payment and forget about it, rather than manually paying us a varying amount each month.

In NZ most people pay by internet banking transfer, not credit card so the customer needs to initiate the payment.

Having to do that each month is bad if they think "hey i only use this one month of the year, why am i paying this and do I really need it?"

But if they program an automatic payment into their internet banking portal its much better because they dont need to think about it.

We will offer of course a yearly payment option too for a 10% discount.

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