Mass add cnmaestro

We have a python script that we use to make mass updates to our ePMP. I know you can also do this from cnMaestro, but none of our SMs have our cnmestro info (they were mostly elevated). With PMP450, if the AP is approved on cnmaestro, the SMs will connect too. Doesn't look like it works the same way with ePMP. 

Is there a CLI command to add our cnmaestro account login? I can't find it in the list. 

If you SSH into the unit and use the local CLI I'm not aware of any way to set them.  I've done that scripted in the past via SNMP, like:

snmpset -v2c -c$community $ip cambiumDeviceAgentEnable.0 i 1
snmpset -v2c -c$community $ip cambiumDeviceAgentCNSURL.0 s ""
snmpset -v2c -c$community $ip cambiumCNSDeviceAgentID.0 s "cnmaestro_on_premises"
snmpset -v2c -c$community $ip cambiumCNSDeviceAgentPassword.0 s "password"
snmpset -v2c -c$community $ip cambiumpmp80211ConfigurationApply.0 i 1

(with obvious substitutions for $community, $ip, the URL and the password)


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you can do this via DHCP as well.    I know not everyone runs full DHCP, but if you do just toss in the url in and your done.   the KB has an article for this.  takes 10 minutes or so to setup and your finished. (works great, thats how we bring them in when we use CNmaestro) 

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Thanks, I should be able to create a script using this.