Massive 5.4 Ghz Interference

So starting tuesday night around midnight, we have been gettng massive interference across the entire 5.4 band in an area covering 4 counties . It starts around midnight and doesnt end until around 8 am. I’m going nuts here. Anybody ever run across something this bad? We are using P400’s some integrated some using panels. Any of you guys in the MD/DE/VA/PA/NJ area? And if so are you seeing anything on the 5.4 band as well ?

Vlan, interested in knowing if it turned out to be a freak occurrence, fault located or still happening?

On the second day we started poking around to local weather stations, airports, even dover air force base lol. Nobody claimed any knowledge. Mysteriously after we poked around, the third day, it was gone and has’nt come back.