max distance on 5.7 canopy

whats the logest stable links i can expect to get and what has anyone else seen

Tower @ 3400’

3M x 3M @ 15 miles is the max so far. I think that mey be right on the very edge though.

we see 12 miles quite often

12 miles all the time…

Are we talking BH or SM?

If BH we have several over 20miles. But a bit unstable at times. We have some at 16miles that are rock solid.

I was talking SM

with reflectors? or without?

yes i’m asking about bh sorry i didn’t specify that

i have a 5.7 bh link that is 10miles

23.21 at one point in time.

Our longest so far is 28.4miles with a -64 jitter of 1-3

using 27rd reflector will give 10.0x, but with some other reflectors is i guess up to 12mi.

i have seen in Beehive reflector that its about 12 when registering, but i have not tried it yet though.

34km -79dbm jiter1 rock solid!
5.7 BH reflector both ends