Max Hops or BH's

Whats the max hops or BH’s in a row can you do with out Latensy being to much of an issue.

I’m needing to do 11 BH’s in a row each just under 20miles. how bad will the latency be at the end.

Will VPN and Remoting still work?
Will AES encryption be a problem also?

Thanks guys

Each hop (unloaded) will give you about 2-3ms plus latency. That means, you have 20-30ms after 10 hop (if the separate links does not get additional load)

I recently set up a network of 6 hops, all 20 Mbps 5.7 Ghz. I have a CMM in between the first hop and the second (other co-lo Canopy links to other buildings) with timing passed between slaves and masters. We are running TDMoIP data across, along with radio over IP data, and normal networking stuff and everything works great. I measured a maximum loading rate of approx. 5 Mbps. Lot’s of room to grow. :smiley: