Max Range Problems

After reading about how having the Max Range setting on AP’s can decrease throughput, I decided to set all AP’s max ranges to 1 mile more than the fartheset SM in our network. Prior to doing this, max range was set to 15, and link tests on all SM’s showed 100% in both directions.

After changing to the farthest SM + 1 mile on ALL AP’s as recommended, I noticed that Link Tests began to suffer. They were all still in the 90% and up range, but not 100% like before. I messed around with all values from 15 down to 1 mile plus, and the only values that give me 100% link tests are 14 and 15. Why is this? Is there other settings I can change to improve the Link Tests while preserving the throughput when keeping the Max Range where it should be?

Are you able to consistently reproduce this? What software are you running? Are you using HWS or SWS?

14 is better than 15 because you lose a slot when going that 1 extra mile. I can double check but I think that 1-14 miles uses the same number of slots…15 miles takes another one.

Yes, I can consistently reproduce this.

Software 6.1 - Software Scheduling (all infrastructure is non-advantage)

Yes, I have read that 1-14 uses the same number of slots, and 15 uses one more.